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Gemma-Louise Kaye


Artisan Priestess


Gemma-Louise Kaye dreams of a kinder, wiser world that takes care of everyone. A world where ethics, generousity and deep integrity are the cornerstones of leadership within the highest echelons of business, wealth and politics. A world where infrastructure, laws and resources are built and utilised honourably in service of our collective purpose, and as such... all of humanity is flourishing.

A spiritual high-performance coach (B.Psych.Hons), inner-world alchemist and High Priestess Advisor to the Rebels of the Light, Gem helps ethical leaders expand and unfold into new realms of their calling. She works with disruptors, change-makers, artists and visionaries who are creating the next evolution of humanity, as well as emerging leaders on the pathway to becoming so.

Through transformational, spiritually-aligned, high performance coaching Gem's clients experience immense new energy entering their life, as well as deep clarity, trust, and a re-newed confidence to unlock new facets of their gifts and highest soul vision. Working with Gem, leaders begin to solve seemingly unsolvable problems and magnetize resources to their business or project with an ease and grace that some describe as magical.

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