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The Calling of the Light

No soul hungry.

No soul homeless.

No soul lacking light or love.

No soul lonely.

No soul left behind.

- Gemma-Louise Kaye

I imagine a world...

where we all wake up with deep peace and joy in our hearts

because we have a collective, deep knowing that

everyone on the planet is taken care of.


Our team of 7.8 billion.

I work with change-makers who feel the same way:

The brave souls willing to action this mission.

Modern Goddesses

Lion Heart Kings
Rebels of the Light


Those who are here to breathe new worlds into being.

I support my clients to

rapidly expand and actualise their soul mission.

To evolve a kinder, wiser world...

An ecosystem of sharing... An economy of love...

An ethos of artistry... A revolution of radical giving...

Co-creating... in divine partnership with soul...

In service of all humanity.

I give my soul and my life to the light

and I work to evoke and expand

truth, love, grace and kindness

wherever I go.

I give my heart and soul to

The Artisan Priestess Pledge:

Abundant profit for divine purpose.

Wealth 4 Humanity.

Life was meant to be delightful. We were ALL meant to have an experience of magic. People were meant to be profoundly creative, powerful and generous. This is innately who we are... when we LEAD with SOUL.”


- Gemma-Louise Kaye

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