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Mara Kazantzaki

CEO, Beyond Motherhood

"Gem has an uncanny ability to pull things out of your inner being that you never thought you had. Every session included at least one goosebump worthy ”aha" moment, which led to shifts paramount to moving forward with my new business.

She is not only a wonderfully kind and compassionate human being but an immensely talented soul worker. Her way of explaining things is incredibly vivid and imaginative so that they are easy to comprehend on a deeper level.

I will say this: I went to her to get business coaching, and not only do I own this business malarkey, but as a side effect, I also got over an irrational fear I've had since I was a little girl!

I am proud to have Gem as my “Holistic Coach”. I will be revisiting working with her at various new stages of my business and life, for sure."

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